AI for Publishers

Automatic change in Ad sizes – Our Ad serving units are super adaptive and can be viewed on different devices without any compromise in user experience.

Auto adaption as per user location – Our Ads are served based on the locations of the viewer for relevant ad experiences

Multiple ad units to fit in all screens – Our ad units can fit any device without affecting the ad content and viewability

More revenue with less efforts – Publishers just have to insert a tag on their website and rest of the heavy listing would be done by us.

Intelligent and adaptive reporting system – We have developed our proprietary dashboard for publishers to help them get access to smart and useful reporting.

User experience & Decision-Making Using A.I

Dynamic pricing system for different ad locations and number of ads on the page. Our unique view adoption system studies the viewability and automatically calls for an ad.

Automated complex decisions happening with each pageview

Decision making is automated saving effort and time

Website speed improvement

We give all the controls to the publisher and our site accelerator system helps them create lightning-fast site for the users. The ads we bring onboard from our different partners are optimized to work on lazyload and unlimited scrolls.

Our units are optimized for quick website load time

Publishers can take complete control

Revenue optimization

We help publishers implement and manage their DFP ad server on their website, we will implement all the possible tools to help publishers make money from their website and choose the best and high CPM partners

Premium partners working for your websites.

Increased revenue due to competing advertisers.